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How to Restore Your Genuine Leather Bag

A leather bag is something that almost anyone has in his wardrobe. Leather bags are something that everyone loves. Leather bags are irreplaceable as they always look classic and timeless. There are many leather bags for men that are aesthetically beautiful and very functional. In fact, they are durable and men never hesitate to invest in them. However, one should also take care of his leather bag in order to use it for a long time. These bags can lose their shine if you use them on a frequent basis or if you leave your leave it in the sun. A leather bag can show different signs of wear and tear and you will also notice some fading because excessive use. In order to make men’s leather bag look nice and fresh, you should opt for some techniques. Whenever you notice that your bag doesn’t look so pleasing, then it’s high time to restore it. Just follow the steps and do this process right in order to achieve excellent results.
1. Clean Your Bag
The first and most important step is wiping your leather bag by using a dry cloth. You need to wipe gently from top to bottom in order to remove all the dust, stains and dirt.
Clean Your Bag
2. Disinfect
Another important thing is disinfecting. By removing the germs from your bag, you will be able to restore its ultimate beauty. Buy excellent-quality disinfectant and wipe your bag with it. However, you can also use household cleaning products such us vinegar, lemon juice, tartar and some essential oils. You are highly recommended to test every ingredient before the use to check how leather reacts these disinfectants.
3. Remove All the Stains
Get rid of all stains that you see on your bag. For example, when we talk about leather bags for men then there can be different ink stains. If you are working in the office or you are a student then you may probably come across various ink stains. Mix alcohol and water and then apply them on the ink. For grease stains, use a microfiber cloth but if you still notice spots then use a small amount of baking soda or cornstarch. Let it stay for some a few hours and then brush off. The result will be a clean bag.
4. Use a Recoloring Balm
Restoring can be achieved easily if you apply recoloring balm. Make sure it has the same color as your leather bag so that the results will be great. Apply several layers to restore cracked leather perfectly. Just leave the balm on your bag for 10 minutes and then wipe it off to see the results.
How to Restore Your Genuine Leather Bag
5. Apply a Leather Conditioner
A leather conditioner is needed to get back the old shine of your precious bag. Thanks to quality leather conditioner, your leather bag will get back its previous beauty. Simply cover each part with the conditioner and wipe it off after 10 minutes.
These are some important steps that can help you make your old leather bag look like new. However, after restoring, don’t forget to use a protector cream as well. Invest in the highest quality cream and you will use your lovely leather bag in the long run.

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